of the law in Northern Jay Cutler Jersey

4 декабря, 2012 - 11:15 — caspday

More than one in four people in NFL Wholesale Jerseys Northern Ireland support a woman’s right to choose on abortion, an exclusive Belfast Telegraph poll has revealed.The results suggest the public here is sharply divided over Jay Cutler Jersey the issue. Another 26% believe that the laws should be toughened so that terminations are only available when a mother would die if the pregnancy was to continue.The poll provides a fascinating insight into views on one of the most controversial subjects in our society, brought into the spotlight recently by the Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast and Brandon Marshall Jersey the death of Savita Halappanavar in the Republic.Currently, the law states terminations can be performed only under certain conditions: if the pregnancy involves a greater risk to the physical or mental health of the woman, or her existing children, than having a termination.All Executive parties except Alliance, which allows a free vote on the issue, have Eli Manning Jersey policies strongly against changing the laws.But the poll results show that the political establishment does not reflect the range of opinion among voters and potential voters.The findings come from a major survey commissioned by the Belfast Telegraph and carried out by LucidTalk, members of the British Polling Council (BPC).A weighted sample Victor Cruz Jersey of 1,130 adults was surveyed between November 6 and 23; 90% were questioned by telephone and the rest interviewed face to face.They were asked: “Free abortion is Wholesale NFL Jerseys China currently allowed in Northern Ireland where there is the likelihood of serious and long-term danger to a prospective mother’s mental or physical wellbeing if her pregnancy continues. Which, if any, of these statements do you agree with?The first of four options was: “Abortion should be available to any woman who chooses it after being counselled on Arian Foster Jersey alternatives.”This is margnally more liberal than the situation which applies in the rest of the UK, where the approval of two doctors is required.The results showed that 25.9% agreed with this proposition. The proportion agreeing was roughly the same across the two main religious groups (28.3% of Protestants and 27.8% of Catholics).But support was markedly higher among all women surveyed (29.9%) than men (21.4%). It was higher among the young, 34.9% for 18-24-year-olds, and fell gradually through the age range until it reached a low of 20.4% for those over 65.Individual polls are only a snapshot of opinion but the age difference, with highest support among young women, may suggest that it is a China Wholesale Jerseys question on which feeling is shifting. Women of child-bearing age — the most supportive — are the section of the adult population most directly affected. But even among pensioners, more than a fifth of those questioned opted for abortion on demand.A second option was: “Abortion should be available for rape or incest victims who choose it after Brian Cushing Jersey counselling.”This was the specific category ruled out by Jim Wells, the DUP politician earmarked to take over as Health Minister. Some 18.6% of those surveyed agreed. This was most popular among women (19.4%) and those over 65 (22.7%).Rape and incest victims have no lawful right to an abortion. But the courts have allowed it in some cases Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys where there was medical evidence that they are likely to suffer serious and long-term damage or become “physical and mental wrecks” if pregnancy continued.Combining one and two reveals that 45% want some liberalisation of the BE1204ZYH abortion laws.The statement that: “This situation should be kept as it is” was endorsed by 26.9% of the population. However, the pollsters included those who did not express an opinion or who didn’t know in this group, effectively giving the status quo the benefit of the doubt.A further substantial group (26.5%) believed that abortion should only be allowed “if the mother is likely to die if the pregnancy continues”. This would mark a tightening of current practice. The most restrictive option was that: “Abortion is no better than shooting a child in the head and should be treated as murder”. It was favoured by only 2% of the sample, all of them men.

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